Other therapies - Chinese Medicine



Particular points on the ears corresponding to parts of the body are stimulated to produce therapeutic effects by the applications of seeds, tourmaline stones or magnetic pellets. The therapy may help to regulate the functions of the body, restore harmony and balance and provide a holistic approach to health care. 


This is a method of treatment used to treat conditions by the application of heat to acupuncture points or particular locations of the body. The moxa is used in the form of cones or sticks and the material that it is composed of is a herb called Artemisia Vulgaris.

The functions of Moxibustion included warming, encouraging the smooth flow of energy and blood, and maintaining health. 


This is a therapy whereby a jar or cup is attached to the surface of the skin in order to cause local congestion by creating a vacuum. There are different types of jars but the most commonly ones used are glass and plastic. The effect of cupping is to encourage the flow of GI and blood to the area that is being treated and so improve circulation.


The application of heated stones is incorporated into massage treatments and may be included within an aromatherapy treatment.  Basalt stones of varying size, weight and shape are heated in water and placed on the body in order to achieve therapeutic effects


Have you considered Chinese Medicine for the management of weight?

There are many historical classical texts that have recorded Chinese Medicine and weight management. It has been suggested  that Acupuncture, Tuina  Massage, Acupressure and Chinese Medicine Dietary advice may benefit people with weight management.  The therapies may be used in conjunction with their existing Western treatment. A course of treatment is recommended.

Have you considered Chinese Medicine for  smoking cessation?

The acupuncture treatments focus on regaining balance and harmony to the body during the process of quitting smoking. It may help to  alleviate symptoms that people commonly complain about whilst trying to give up.  Acupuncture and auricular therapy may assist with relaxation, mood and cravings.    A course of treatment is recommended.