Facial Rejuvenation


Facial rejuvenation has a long history within Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are many famous Chinese Classical texts which have included techniques and various  therapies associated with facial rejuvenation.  With these valuable traditions and experience, the practice of facial rejuvenation may be utilised in the 21st century in order to promote health and beauty. The treatments can involve acupuncture, acupressure, auricular, Tuina Massage, dietary changes and lifestyle advice. The treatment is also known as Cosmetic acupuncture.

A course of between 10 and 15 treatments is recommended and the needling location may include body and facial points. In some circumstances, a second course may be necessary in order to gain benefit.  Maintenance sessions  can be carried out when required as everyone is individual and the effects may vary from person to person. A home care plan may be suggested to complement the course.

Facial Acupuncture may offer a natural alternative to other types of cosmetic and surgical procedures

Note:  Please contact to see if this treatment is appropriate       for you as there are certain circumstances when this therapy may not be suitable.